Grading and Team Formation for 2023

Rochedale Rovers Netball Club strives to lay the foundations for ongoing athlete development for all players whilst maintaining an inclusive, fun and friendly atmosphere that nurtures new and existing friendships.  We believe that sport should be a positive experience that creates a lifelong love of sport.


The aim of our grading policy is to ensure a fair process to form teams by grouping players of similar ages and skill sets into teams.  Grading of players is an important part of ensuring the best chance for enjoyment and development for all our players.  Stronger players will always enjoy the challenge of harder faster competition and will not develop to their full potential if placed in a lower team to be kept with a friend.  Similarly, players who are placed in teams above their ability will not develop to the potential when being overshadowed by more talented players. Our goal is to ensure coach qualifications match team potential, e.g. beginner players with beginner coach, advanced players with experienced/more highly accredited coaches. 


Net Set Go (5-6 years)

Net Set Go is an initiative of Netball Australia and is a play-based motor skills program.  Players playing Net Set Go are not graded and are placed in teams based on age groups and friend requests.

Net Set Go – Netta  Red & White (7-9  years)

Netta Red and White are modified games of netball.  Players are not graded and will be placed into Netta White or Red teams based on age groups and friend requests. 

Net Set Go Netta Black (10  years)

Netta Black is non-competitive full rules games of netball.  Grading of this age enables players to be placed in appropriate teams in readiness for full competition Cadet.  All players must attend grading day 1.


Cadet 11 years +, Mixed and Opens

Grading will be influenced by the number and ages of players registered with the club.  Our policy is to group teams with players being a maximum of 2 years age difference within a team.  Players will be required to attend at least 1 grading day.


Requests to play with friends in the non-competitive category will be accommodated where possible within their age group.  Play with friend requests in competitive ages will be considered by the selection panel if both players are of the same ability. Requests must be emailed to .  Rochedale Rovers, however, encourages players to join as individuals so players and parents get to meet new friends. 

A Replay option will be available and is designed to allow player groups from previous teams to stay together provided players are of the same ability and the request is approved by both the coach and parents. Playing together as a team for consecutive years and under the same coach often assists with ongoing netball skill development and the formation of long-lasting friendships between players. Where vacancies exist within these teams, new team members with similar age and skill sets will be allocated based on player performance at grading nights.  Replay requests are to be emailed to


In order to form teams the selection panel will take into consideration previous years coaches player evaluations, player performance at grading sessions and the number of players registered within each age group. 

Grading Night 1, February 16:

  • 2 independent selectors per court/age group (11-12; and beyond)
  • Players trial in two nominated positions, but may be asked to play other positions
  • Players will play with players/teams within age group and in next age groups to assess team placement suitability.
  • Cadet players grouped into possible teams based on age and similar skill sets of existing and new players.  We will ensure there is no more than a 2 year age gap between team members.
  • Netta black players will be grouped into possible teams based on similar skill set of existing and new players.  Players will be notified of team placement via email prior to Feb 23.

Grading night 2, February 23:

  • Netta teams commence training.
  • Cadet players grouped into possible teams based on age and similar skill sets of existing and new players. 
  • Players will be trialled against players in the nominated positions to identify the stronger of the player for the position allocated. 


  • Will be provided with training and resources beforehand to enable a similar grading process by all selectors.
  • Independent selectors will work with Coaches to assist with allocation of players to existing teams, and creation of newly formed teams.
  • The Netta Co-ordinator will assist with sorting Netta red and white players into teams based on age and friend requests.

In assessing the overall skills of a player within an age group the Selection Panel will take into account:


Speed and Agility
Ball Handling Skills
Attacking Skills
Defending Skills
Perception/Cognition Skills                                     


Positive Attitude
Gives 100%


Abides by Club’s Code of Behaviour


  • Grading meeting held with selectors and RRNC management committee after Player Grading 1.
  • Netta Black teams will be finalised and players will be notified of team placement.
  • IF there is agreement on the formation of particular teams (e.g. sorting of new players into existing teams), additional grading will not be required for those players and training can commence.
  • Where further player observation is required to form new teams, those players will continue to Grading session 2.
  • A second grading meeting will be held with selectors and the RRNC management committee after Grading 2 to confirm the new teams.
  • As soon as teams are confirmed, players will be emailed of team placement.
  • In all cases, RRNC will allow a short period for players to appeal their team allocation.  Appeals can be emailed to .
  • Where agreement cannot be reached on team allocation between parent, coach and committee, the player has the option to withdraw their registration if requested. 


  • New registrations will only be considered where vacancies exist (i.e. team of less than 10 players). 
  • New registration placement will be discussed and agreed with coaches prior to accepting registration.
  • No player appeal process exists due to consultation prior to registration acceptance.


If a player is unable to attend a grading session the player or parent must notify the club prior to grading.  Placement into a team, where applicable, will be based on evaluations from the previous year’s coach.

All players are strongly encouraged to attend grading to avoid disappointment.


  • All Cadet teams must participate in the UPNA team grading carnival days.
  • RRNC selection panel and management committee will nominate a recommended division for teams to participate in based on their assessment of the teams during RRNC grading sessions.
  • RRNC Committee Members will watch all teams play throughout the two UPNA grading sessions to compare teams against their opposition.
  • We will seek recommendations from each Coach for the names of teams they think are like their own team in terms of ability.
  • RRNC will request to position our teams in the same divisions as their most matched competitors.
  • For players over 12 we will consult with the coaches about whether they agree to placement in divisions with older cadet level players (i.e. greater than 2 years age gap).
  • Whilst RRNC nominates for a division based on their assessment of the team during our grading process and with the best interest of the team and abilities in mind it is only a recommendation for UPNA nomination purposes.  Ultimately, UPNA will determine the final grading of a team.
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