UPNA Information

Age Groups

  • NetSetGo: 5-7yrs (borm 2016-2018): UPNA run program: all 5-6yrs olds are to participate through UPNAs NetSetGo program and not through Netta. 7yrs olds are able to participate in NetSetGo or Netta. 
  • Netta: 7-10yrs of age (born 2013-2016) – Any 10yr old player placed in a Cadet age team needs prior approval from the Competitions Coordinator and UPNA Board. 
  • Cadet: 11-18/19yrs of age – players in cadet must still be attending high school. Players aged 18/19 may be required to prove they still attend high school with a student ID card
  • Mixed: 13 yrs or older (the approval of parents may be required as this is an open age group)
  • Opens: 13 yrs or older (the approval of parents may be required as this is an open age group)
  • Boys 12 years and under:  can play in Cadet and Netta as per usual rules (unlimited) 
  • Boys 13-14 years of age (born 2009-2010): can play in Cadet however only 1 player born 2009-2010 can be on the court at any one time. 
  • Boys 13+ years of age: can play in mixed teams as per usual mixed team rules. Please remember this is an open age group


  • Post pad
    • Please make sure there is a postpad up before training starts.
    • Please pack away the postpad neatly after training.
  • Wet weather
    • It is up to the discretion of each coach to cancel training due to bad weather.
    • Please put a post on on the RRNC 2023 Coaches and Managers Facebook group

Game day

  • Forfeiting
    • Please advise RRNC by 3pm Friday if your team needs to forfeit on Saturday.
    • A minimum of 5 original team players is required to take the court. Any less and the team has to forfeit.
    • RRNC handles the communication with UPNA and the other club.
  • Rolling Subs
    • Teams will be allowed to make substitutions during the play, this includes during stoppages and intervals. There is no limit to the number of substitutions can be made, and more than one substitution may be made at any time. Play will not be held up for substitutions.
    • The substitutions zone may or may not be marked out on the court. Substitutions must occur in front of their own team bench.
    • The incoming player must wait until the player being replaced exits the court before entering in the field of play.
    • Players must observe the offside rules when entering the court. Failure to do so will result in a sanction.
  • Playing up
    • A player shall be required to move to the team they “play up” in should they have “Played up” more than twice already.
    • A player can not play up and stay up in that team, if they already have 10 players.
    • During the current season (grading period and fixtures) any player may play for a club team in a higher division than her/his own registered team on a maximum of two (2) occasions and still be eligible to play in her/his registered team.
    • Players who play out of their team on three (3) occasions must transfer to one of the club teams they have filled in for.
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