We welcome female and male players from 7 years onwards. This year we hope to register teams in:

  • Netta (7 to 10 year olds)
  • Cadet (11 to 17 year olds)
  • Mixed (Male and female players from 14 year onwards)
  • Opens (18 years onwards)

Where do you train? Training is held Thursday Nights at Underwood Park Netball Association, Underwood Road, Priestdale Queensland 4127

Is training compulsory? Yes. In order for your child to get the most out of their netball experience, training is vital.  At training, they will learn the basic skills, develop an understanding of the rules and importantly get to know their team mates.

Where are the games played and what time? Games are played at Underwood Park on Saturdays, from 12 :30pm through to 5:30pm depending on age & division.

When do the netball seasons commence?  There are 2 seasons per year.
The ‘Day’ season typically starts in March to September.
The ‘Night’ season typically starts in October to December

What is the uniform? Uniform

Who do I contact, and how, to ask questions about the Club and it’s operations?

You can address your questions to the club’s secretary who is responsible for handling correspondence to/from the committee. You can email questions or concerns to rochedaleroversnc@gmail.com

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